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Data Sandbox

A data sandbox, in the context of big data, is a scalable and developmental platform used to explore an organization's...
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Nati Shalom

Founder and CTO at Cloudify

Nati Shalom is the founder and CTO of Cloudify, a serial entrepreneur and thought leader in open-source, multi-cloud orchestration, network virtualization, DevOps and more. Nati has received multiple recognitions from publications such as The CIO Magazine and YCombinator and is one of the leaders of Cloud Native and DevOps Israel groups. Nati is also a frequent presenter at industry conferences.

Danielle Strouther


Currently writing lots of words about all kinds of unique subjects at Adzooma and searching for a word I like more than discombobulated. I have a masters in Film and Television, so I can tell people I know what’s good on Netflix.

Dave Nevogt

CEO and co-founder at Hubstaff

Dave Nevogt is the CEO and co-founder of Hubstaff. Dave has founded several multi-million dollar businesses and focuses on growth. He writes a blog series that teaches everything his team does to grow Hubstaff and free training on how to manage a remote team.

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